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Cyber Security Services & Solutions

Cyber Security Services & Solutions

The modern workplace, the digitally ready organisations that heavily rely on Cloud technologies are increasingly exposed to ever-evolving threats and are challenged to create secure environments and protect business data and intellectual property with tight budgets and time constraints.

With years of experience in IT management, Innovate is recognised as a trusted partner. Our clients have access to professional Security Solutions and Support available 24/7 from qualified specialists who understand the cyber security landscape and are always one step ahead. We adhere to best practices and implement security measures with the goal of transforming their business into mature cyber security organisations.

With the ever-evolving cyber threat, an increased number of incidents have been reported by many organisations who have no choice but to increase their security measures to ensure business data, systems, assets, technologies and applications are efficiently protected.

Together with the added pressure of complying with industry-specific standards, leaders are recognising that such complexities must be addressed by experts in a structured way.

To ensure effective protection Innovate manages and supports all elements of the IT Infrastructure which are vulnerable to cyber threats including servers, mobile devices, workstations, and networks. We maintain all elements in their optimal state and utilise best-in-class tools and solutions to detect any possible intrusions, quickly respond to and neutralise threats, and further plan for prevention.

Cyber Security Outcomes

- Agile Cyber Defence 
- Cyber Readiness
- Protecting the Business
- Minimise Risk
- Save Costs
- Safeguarding Business Data

What we cover
Cyber security services & solutions
Cyber Defence Assessment
Cyber Defence Assessment

Identify areas of weakness: processes, technology, policies, standards, employees

Strategy and Consulting
Strategy and Consulting

Expertise and leadership with virtual CISO, no associated recruitment costs


Advanced threat monitoring and remediation

Critical Hour Framework
Critical Hour Framework

Rapid response and containment of threats

User Training
User Training

Improve awareness and educate employees

Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management

Continuously monitoring cyber threats

Cyber Security Services & Solutions

Cyber security services
features and benefits

  • Identify risks
  • Rapid response
  • Deploy tools and expertise
  • Enhance operations to avoid errors
  • Protect assets and data
  • Real-time threat intelligence
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