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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Did you know there are different types of cloud solutions ? You don’t need to waste all you have invested just to have “cloud”. And you don’t have to make your business work around a standardised cloud either. The technology you adopt must work around your business needs rather than the cloud vendors.

The term “cloud computing” we hear everywhere really means two things:

1. The software your business relies on is owned, hosted and run by the software vendor (or a partner of their choice)

2. Your data is securely stored on their shared IT infrastructure.

Vendors can deliver these services to you at a low cost due to economies of scale. It is very important to understand the total cost of ownership, beyond the numbers compared on marketing material and assess the practical impact to your business and its operations. Certain cloud services are also touted as more secure than others and this is very much subject to what you would accept as suitable for your business.

Any change to mission-critical business processes can be expensive, time-consuming, and can cause damage or downtime without proper planning. Yet many decision-makers take the easy route without evaluating or understanding the pros and cons often following biased technical advice.

Due to the flexibility in technology vendors can move cloud systems your rely on and your data between countries at will without you even noticing and there is no one to tell them right or wrong, except their business interests, stakeholders, and the like. Naturally, they have the legal right to buy or sell, merge or acquire any part of the business and it happens every day, exposing your business infrastructure to almost any unforeseen change. More recently Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and other companies have been allowed to disclose the number of times they release data to US security agencies under the FISA (U.S. Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance) and USA PATRIOT Act.

You’re buying into a lot more than software. And you are going to build your business on a framework that you have very little control over.

We understand the value in your existing business processes, the time and effort you have put in to build and perfect them and we work with you flexibly across all levels. We work hard and go the extra mile to keep your business and do not employ strategies to tie you down.

Innovate private cloud offering is a dedicated state-of-the-art environment based in Malta that not only you can have access to but is tailor-made for you and is protected by multiple layers of security that is unique to your business. Our solutions are tailor-made to work for your business so that your business does not have to work around the technology.

Cloud Benefits

Did you know there are different
types of cloud solutions?

The technology you adopt must work around your business needs rather than the cloud vendors.

  • Comprehensive online backups with greater flexibility and benefits over mainstream designs
  • Zero investment in hardware & software
  • Maximum possible speed you can achieve at your premises
  • Multiple layers of security built in
  • Best in class agility and scalability
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Flexible terms, meaningful for UK business
  • Low fixed monthly costs to make budgeting a breeze
Choice & Agility
Scale & Cost
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