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For over 20 years, Voome has been developing the optimal platform for managing communication across the screens in your physical locations, whether they’re in factories, office, retail stores, cruise ships, or the bustling streets of our cities.

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Experience seamless content management across your entire company with our single cloud-based platform. From offices to factories, loading bays, and points of sale, streamline operations effortlessly.

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We embody both history and innovation in Digital Signage. One of the most prevalent challenges faced by IT managers is maintaining control over machine management and having a platform that enables them to meet project launch objectives on the designated day across all machines. We excel at achieving this!

Meeting Room Solutions

In today's fast-paced business world, effective communication and collaboration are crucial for accurate decision making and overall productivity. Conference room technology plays an important role in enabling seamless communication and collaboration within an organisation.

But how do you choose the right audio visual conference room technology for your business? In this article, we explore eight essential considerations when selecting the ideal conference room technology.

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Application for Offices

One of the challenges faced by traditional communication systems on monitors is the complex management of graphic models and related content. Our system seamlessly integrates graphic schemes with messaging logic, enabling you to change messages with a simple click. Moreover, with our advanced integrations, you can effortlessly create automated communication flows, streamlining the entire process.

Application for Chain Stores

Keep your store visitors well-informed about new collections and ongoing promotions. Create a unique graphic style and seamlessly integrate it with social media, weather updates, news, and more. Engage your customers with interactive tools such as QR Codes.

Each target audience requires a tailored tone of voice. That's why it's crucial to customize communication for cities, regions, and offices. With our platform, you gain the flexibility to schedule unique content for each area, organize it into clusters, or create vertical channels.

Application for Healthcare

Our platform gives the opportunity to your healthcare facility to dispose of a “digital showcase” to promote your services. Our highly customizable solutions will allow you to select the information to be shared on the screen according to the days and time slots. Once the information that you desire to publish has been defined, it will appear on the screen automatically, without requiring any other manual intervention. Among the advantages you will also have the possibility to modify the contents when and how you want!

Application for Museums

With our software you’ll be able to advertise all the initiatives scheduled within the museum, you can show the entire catalog of artworks on monitors, even with the aid of a touch display.  With an interactive approach visitors will be more involved in discovering the artworks among the museum, framing the historical period and allowing those who wish to dwell on the details of the artworks, using a touch screen whose appearance  will integrate perfectly with the surrounding environment. In this way you’ll be able to improve the experience of visitors, also managing the ticket office and optimizing the flow of tourists during group visits.

Application for Events & Entertainment

A clear image and effective information are the first tools to make your brand recognizable, stimulate customer curiosity and implement loyalty. Through our software you will quickly and attractively establish a direct line of communication with the customer. An example? A multi-screen or a video wall will help you provide essential information about the shows, your facility and its services, simultaneously showing dynamic and interactive weather news and “welcome” messages. Our software is the simplest and most concrete tool to combine the offer of constantly updated information and integration with interior design.

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