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Empowering great results with bright minds

Neowit is a team of tech experts with a diverse background from leading companies such as Tandberg, Cisco, Crestron, Pexip, and more. We combine our expertise with innovative thinking and a passion for creating solutions that transform the way people interact with buildings. As a fast-growing company, we are constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.

Workspace and Building Platform

One platform to rule them all. From workspace management, analytics and reports to building management!

Video Gallery
Software that truly empower sustainability, efficiency and employee satisfaction!
Real-time view of your office!

User experience is key! See available deks, meetingroms or even social sones directly from your Computer, Phone or Digital signage screen. 


Automates the whole booking process and optimize space utilization - Bigtime! 

New way of thinking!
Roomscheduling has never been easier! 

Ghost Meetings
Automaticly removes Ghostmeetings
If a user dont show up after X amount of time Flexspace automatically removes the room from the booking allowing others to utilize the room! 

Less action, More time
Users don`t need to do anything anymore! Just step into the room and you have booked it for x defined minutes. When you step out it will .

Use Any Roomscheduling Panel 
Less action, More time
We communicate with any scheduling panel that speaks with Exchange or Google workplace 


Live view on any device.
User experience is key! See available deks, meetingroms or even social sones directly from your Computer, Phone or Digital signage screen. 

Book desks and meetingrooms in seconds!
Either integrated with MS O365, Google workplace or even do it from our own booking engine! Either way! Finding and booking available desks and meetingrooms has never been easier! 

Booking analytics and insights!
See what type of rooms is most popular, what is the amount of bookings or get data on actual space utilization!

Open platform
Integrate ANY sensor!
We constantly test and validate different sensors to provide the best advices to our customers and partners. However - our platform is open, that means that you connect any sensor with an open API

Use your existing videoconference equipment as a sensor!
We integrate with known brands such as Poly, Crestron, Cisco, Logitech and Neat!


Neowit Analytics
One tool for your building and workspace metrics
Easy to use analytics that allows you to get insights on how your officespace or building is being used! 

Powerful features:

  • Building utilization
  • Meetingroom and Desk Utilization
  • Heatmaps
  • People Counting
  • Airquality
  • Booking insights
  • Desk utilization
  • Data Cross Check

Real-estate software
Smart Building software
We build a state-of-the-art building platform.

Device and IoT management 
See where your technology are in the building

Integrates with known building and office technologies
Open platform - integrate your technology! 
Use either existing integrations or create custom integrations - we got you covered!

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