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Neat Video Conferencing

Neat Video Conferencing Solutions

Innovate and Neat share the belief that video communication should be as simple as possible. With minimal parts and maximum performance in a sleek, portable package, Neat's all-in-one solutions will get your teams collaborating in no time. Now available for use with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Innovate's services for NEAT.

Consult with our experts to find the right collaboration solutions for your organization's needs. Our Buy & Try program ensures you'll find the right solution for your workforce. Guided Tutorials are a customized solution to increase end-user adoption and take the strain off of IT resources.

Video Conferencing Solutions
Meet, create and collaborate better
Neat Video Conferencing
Key Features & Functionality
  • Room Analytics - CO2, ambient noise, and other conditions are monitored for optimal health and productivity.
  • See Everyone - Neat Symmetry shows everyone in the room in their own frame for equal screen space.
  • Portability - Wireless and plug-and-play capabilities make setup and movement easy.
  • All-In-One-Design - Neat's limited product line is intentional. Get more functionality in less pieces.
  • Neat Bar & Bar Pro - The high quality and versatile bar can be attached to up to two monitors for rooms with up to ten people or attached to computer monitors in personal collaboration spaces.
  • Neat Board - Meeting participants can mark up presentations, take notes, or share ideas visually with everyone in the meeting, not just the room, with the all-in-one Neat Board.
  • Neat Pad - The multi-faceted touch screen can act as a room scheduler installed outside your meeting room or as a meeting controller inside of it.
  • Instant AV For Neat - Our Instant AV solution was developed to reduce the complication, cost, and time associated with A/V setup. Innovate's experts can help your organization #CollaborateBetter in no time.

Technology can never replace meeting someone in real life. That’s because when we’re off-screen and meet face to face, we share a sharper attention space. We communicate in synchrony through an interplay of speech, gestures, movement, observation and timing, using our senses to constantly shift focus and filter out distractions.

Although these mannerisms are challenging to replicate, Neat edges continuously closer to lessening the digital divide between the physical and virtual, helping people engage on video more naturally than ever before.

Focus on what matters

Neat Symmetry presents everyone in the meeting room equally up close, whether they’re sitting, standing or moving around. Focusing on whoever’s talking and the expressions of others, Neat Symmetry enables remote participants to engage in more natural, free-flowing conversation.

Neat Video Conferencing
Neat Video Conferencing
Move around freely

Sitting for too long isn’t good for our health. Even for short periods, reduced blood flow to the brain can affect our ability to think, concentrate and learn. Neat devices empower you to stand up, stretch or walk around for better wellbeing, knowing you’re always perfectly seen and heard.

No distractions

Neat Boundary removes the worry of being distracted by other activities happening around you. By setting a virtual width and depth to define your meeting space, the camera will avoid detecting, auto framing and following people that aren’t part of your meeting.

Neat Video Conferencing
Neat Video Conferencing
Natural conversation

Neat Audio Processing allows everyone in your meeting to enjoy clear dialogue. So, if two people simultaneously speak, neither one of their voices will sound muffled, meaning anyone can pitch in a comment during lively debates without their voice being clipped or muted.

Simple setup

Everything you need to get your Neat device up and running fast is in the box, including all mounts and cables. You also get clearly animated setup and installation instructions.

Neat Video Conferencing
Neat Video Conferencing
The best for both worlds

Neat designs simple and elegant pioneering video devices for Microsoft Teams and Zoom, giving you more freedom and choice to meet, create and collaborate better.

More choice

Our app hub within Neat Pulse lets you enjoy third-party business and entertainment apps such as AppSpace, Browser, Miro and more on your Neat devices, helping accelerate your teamwork and fuel your creativity.

Neat Video Conferencing
Neat Video Conferencing
Bring your own device

To enjoy the benefits of Neat's hardware and features with any video app, simply connect a USB cable to your Neat Bar or Neat Board.

Just works

Neat devices respond to your presence, automatically waking up the moment you enter the room. Then, with just one tap, you can wirelessly share your screen or start a meeting while the camera instinctively auto-frames and tracks you.

Neat Video Conferencing
Neat Video Conferencing
Workplace insights

Neat Sense gives you accurate real-time room analytics for healthier, safer, more cost-effective meeting spaces.

Purpose-built hardware

Streamline and enhance your video meetings. Reduce complexity and clutter in shared spaces to enjoy delightful experiences.

Neat Video Conferencing
Neat Video Conferencing
Which Neat Bar is right for your space?
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