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About 3CX

3CX is an open standards software-based PBX system. It's based on the SIP standard and works with popular IP phone and SIP Trunks. 3CX enables calls and extensions to be made via traditional PSTN phone lines and VoIP services.

With powerful softphones for Mac and Windows, 3CX allows you to easily manage your phone calls in the office, at home or on the road using your desktop PC or laptop. Unlike other PBXs, no additional licence fees are charged and apps are fully integrated for ease of use.

We can help you set up 3CX cloud phone services empowering your employees to work flexibly and help your business to grow.

3CX is a sophisticated and feature-rich cloud phone system that allows users to manage their voice calls, instant messaging, web conferencing, live chats, faxes and email from a single unified platform. By investing in 3CX cloud services, you can gain access to sophisticated VoIP apps, digital receptionist tools and screen sharing options, all through a single, user-friendly platform that can be accessed from any device. Innovate is a trusted 3CX  provider, and by trusting us to set up your 3CX service, we can manage all traffic within the same cloud. Our integrated approach is highly cost-effective and delivers better call quality and reliability for you, thanks to the power of our enterprise-grade network.

- One-click video conferencing with a simple plugin download.
- Interoperability with VoIP and video.
- Bandwidth management and control.
- The ability to pre-upload PowerPoint documents and PDFs for crisp, responsive delivery.
- Easy-to-use polling tool for feedback.

- Pricing based on the number of participants, rather than per-user licensing.
- Unlimited users, no matter which package you choose.
- One low, yearly payment, rather than per-month costs.
- Fully integrated 3CX communications, free for up to 250 participants.
- Remote control and screen sharing for quick and easy troubleshooting

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