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Strategy Audits

Audit your IT Strategy

Keeping on top of staff changes, hardware and software inventories and carrying out manual audits to create inventories can be an administrative headache and sometimes, in terms of staff time, wasted effort and accuracy. Valuable information can easily be missed between audit intervals. 

If you are new prospective customers we can provide a snapshot audit of your entire IT infrastructure with comprehensive documentation that will help us assess and advise on key areas that require you to focus.

With our numerous years of experience in the IT industry covering a wide variety of businesses, we are well equipped to guide you and your business on the path to creating long-term cost efficient IT asset management strategy.

You are your Password

Our three dimensional
IT Audit

We map out all elements of your IT Infrastructure then perform a general security review


We highlight and discuss areas of concern that need addressed

Plan of Action
Plan of Action

Should you wish to go ahead with our recommendations we will be delighted to work on a new strategy and way forward

Audit your IT Strategy

An audit of your IT estate can prove
to be highly beneficial in many ways


  • Reveal potential security holes and data leak concerns
  • Contributes immensely to your Fixed Assets register
  • Identify redundant equipment that can be re purposed
  • Ensure compliance and legitimacy as needed
  • Provide the necessary facts for proposals and capital expenditure
  • Our customers benefit from near real time comprehensive audits of your entire IT infrastructure
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