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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning

Technology reliant businesses must have a reliable business continuity and recovery plan to promptly bounce back from a disruptive event to ensure critical services are efficiently restored and operations can be resumed swiftly.  

Business continuity planning involves a set of processes and procedures to be put in place to ensure routine operations can be maintained and mission-critical functions are not disrupted during or after an unexpected event.

Should unexpected service failure occur, resilient systems and professional support will ensure efficient handling of such incidents. 

Our fully automated, cost-effective, comprehensive managed backup and disaster recovery solutions can help safeguard your business from varied threats from ransomware to flooding and protect your valuable business assets by avoiding data loss or any associated risks.

At Innovate we specialise in building, maintaining and supporting highly reliable, modern and efficient  IT infrastructures that natively include resilient backend systems, backup and disaster recovery processes irrespective of the cloud implementation or physical location of mission-critical assets.

Our high-availability solutions are designed so that systems are managed effectively, protected and securely backed up. Our expertise also includes managed servers and workloads on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform or in our own private data centre. 

With your business success in mind, all our services are delivered with backup and disaster recovery built-in as a standard.

Business continuity
Service components
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

Increase business resillence and protect business data with a robust IT disaster recovery plan

Ensure Content Completeness
Ensure Content Completeness

Secure business critical data with a comprehensive backup strategy

Test Recovery Process
Test Recovery Process

Plan, understand current setup and develop a new business continuity and disaster recovery strategy

Business Continuity

How we can help?

With your business success in mind, all our services are delivered with backup and disaster recovery built in as a standard.

  • Increase business resilience through careful failover planning
  • Help you understand consequences of failures and mitigation options
  • Prepare your processes to deal with a plan B situation
  • Align management expectations with technical details, establish a time for services recovery and plan service re-initiation steps
  • Ensure core services such as connectivity and redundancy is built in to your infrastructure
  • Assuring you unlimited remote and onsite support when you need us most
Prevention Strategies
Response Strategies
Recovery Strategies
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