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Independent Financial Institution

By Administrator on 15 September 2022
Success Stories
It is one of a number of businesses we provide IT support.

Our IT support for this financial institution covers not only user requests, IT systems, hardware and software, but also the specific accountancy software that the firm uses. As users of specialized software, they approached us for a solution for an affordable and dedicated server for their setup. The firm’s main concern was to ensure that data held in the specialized software was backed-up securely and on a regular basis –  ideally with as little fuss as possible.

The solution was to leverage our suggested cloud infrastructure and provide the customer with a hosted server on which to host their specific software. This solution has provided a reliable and secure platform, and made this specific software accessible to all users via an internet connection, meaning they can access it regardless of their geographic location.

Cloud hosting within our infrastructure also means that Innovate looks after the backup of the specialized server. Our backup service runs automatically and we regularly test backups to ensure they are reliable. Our standard backup service includes 180 days of retention, which provides retrieval of deleted data during that period.

Along with our IT support and cloud services, we also provide the customer with a hosted email service. This solution removes the hassle of running a costly dedicated on-premise email server while providing them with a professional service that includes mail filtering to prevent spam and viruses. And as with all supported customers, they benefits from our IT consultancy as part of our Personalised Account Management strategy service.

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