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Introducing Lenovo

By Content Writer on 15 January 2024
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In 2024, Innovate International Limited has achieved official approval as ISG Partner for Lenovo.

Since our inception in 2020 we brought value to our clients by offering top-tier IT solutions and high quality services. 

In 2024, as we continue to expand our partnerships, we are thrilled to announce that Innovate International Limited has achieved official approval as ISG Partner for Lenovo in the Maltese Islands! This achievement is a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and services to our valued clients.

Joel Spiteri, our founder and Managing Director:

“Our partnership with Lenovo enables us to offer a comprehensive range of solutions, from state-of-the-art hardware to innovative software, ensuring that your technology requirements are not only met, but exceeded. Whether you're exploring new Lenovo products, need assistance with implementation, or require ongoing support, our team is here to help every step of the way.” 

ThinkSystem / ThinkAgile 
At Innovate international we understand the importance of both reliable and high performing technology and partnerships in today’s dynamic business environment. With our news ISG partner status our value proposition to our client has increased significantly. We are now even better equipped to empower your business with the latest and most advanced solutions available with on premise and cloud ready IT Infrastructure. 
Lenovo’s ISG portfolio consist of the ThinkSystem line of Enterprise Infrastructure consisting primarily of physical devices for on-premise use, and ThinkAgile products designed for cloud and hybrid environments.
ThinkAgile products are based on physical servers and feature integrations with industry-leading capabilities from partners like Nutanix, VMware, Cloudian, DataCore, Nexenta and of course Azure. and offer solutions for businesses of any size. From the super scalable ThinkAgile Integrated Appliances highly configurable and rich with integrated features, to the VX series which offer hyperconverged solution that integrates VMware vSAN, server and software-defined storage into a single platform so you can focus on your business instead of your IT Infrastructure. 

Serious performance with AI enabled Intel chips

Lenovo is a fast-moving player in AI adoption and the company just announced their partnership with Intel, on the heels of the chip maker’s December launch of new AI enabled processors. The next generation of Lenovo ThinkAgile hybrid cloud solutions and ThinkSystem servers with 5th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors feature built-in AI acceleration with Intel’s AMX technology. As Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger said during the launch even, “we are bringing AI everywhere” and Lenovo is one of the first to fully embrace the Intel CPU architecture and build software to take full advantage of it. Lenovo delivers more than double the workload performance of the previous generation systems with new 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors. 

To find out how your company can benefit from the combination of Lenovo ISG’s cutting edge technology and Innovate International’s highly skilled and certified engineers, book a no-obligation consultation today. 

Lenovo, Innovate and You, the perfect partnership...

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